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Blanket Sheet lifter for feet - ready to install


Doctor's Orders? Seems like everyone's having hip, knee or back surgery these days. Recuperation time can be stressful and sleeping can be uncomfortable. Need more room under the blankets? Feet feeling sore or tender and need relief?  ToeSpace adjustable blanket support can help. ToeSpace Blanket Support lifts blankets up off your feet by raising blanket and building a canopy, blanket cradle or foot tent over your feet and legs  to relieve pressure. Especially good for peripheral neuropathy and after surgery.
Daily Living Aid:  Ease the pressure!  As a daily living aid,  a post operative aid, or just a sleep aid, ToeSpace adjustable blanket support can help reduce knee, foot, ankle and toe pressure.   Many sleep aids offer to relieve the pressure, but ToeSpace really does the job. 
So, follow the doctors orders -Get your ToeSpace blanket support today!      

ToeSpace Tonight! --  Feeling Good Tomorrow!

Toespace - Ready to Install

Shown on King Size Bed


Toespace XLarge Dimensions- Blanket Sheet Lifter

Mr. Big Dog ToeSpace - 2 sizes

Sheet and Blanket Support Lift Bar Frame & Blanket Raiser:

Lifts, Supports blankets

Easy assembly 

Height adjustable to 29 inches!! 

Fits deep mattresses  

Slips between mattress & box spring  

Clamps sheet securely to bar

Strong: Furniture Grade PVC
Traveling ToeSpace travelS easily.

Blanket sheet assembly Toespace
Toespace Standard Unit 21 inches wide 29 inches tall

Standard 21 in.

Mr. Big Dog here for Toespace!

Blanket Lifter you need!  ​​
Foot pain & pressure relief ! 

STANDARD - Adjustable Blanket Support Lift Bar - 21 wide:
Height: -- Extends up to 29 inches  high (maximum)
Comfortable width for single person on any size bed. (21 inches wide).  For entire bed coverage, may need additional unit(s) for queen or king size beds, depending on your personal desires. Fits deep mattresses with plenty of foot room for generous toe-tent or blanket cradle, including Pillow Top. Height: adjustable to 29 inches. 
Product: Furniture Grade PVC - Stronger and sturdier!  If your mattress is extra thick (20+ inches), please leave note to seller when purchasing.

X-LARGE -Adjustable Blanket Support Lift Bar - 29 wide:    
Height: -- Extends up to 29 inches high (maximum)
A very generous width -- 29 inches wide (inside measurement) and 31 inches wide (outside measurement). 
Unit is approximately the width of one-half of king size bed. If full king bed width is desired,  two units would be needed. Center expansion collar can be taken out should  you desire to reduce width at anytime.  
Fits deep mattresses with plenty of foot room including Pillow Top. Height: adjustable to 29 inches. If your mattress is extra thick (20+ inches), please leave note to seller when purchasing.  Product: Furniture Grade PVC - stronger and sturdier! 
Click here for:  Dimension Page for more information

You're ready for a good night's sleep! ​​
Simple! Sturdy! Stress free!  Blanker lifter works!   A sleep aid for people with diabetic foot problems or peripheral neuropathy.  ToeSpace blanket support  lifter and frame lifts, raises and supports bedcovers by building a canopy over your feet and a large toetent with plenty of room to relieve pressure. ToeSpace blanket support lift bar frame will protect your toes and keep your feet smiling all night long, so you can smile all day long!   So, if you've got:   Tender Feet, Busy Feet, Restless Legs, Sensitive feet after surgery, or just need more foot room,  ToeSpace blanket support lifter is the answer for you!  A sleep aid you can depend on.
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Finally, you can lift those blankets off your feet and  get ready for a good nights' sleep! With ToeSpace blanket support lifter, you'll get the freedom you deserve. Support your blankets off your feet.

 T o e S p a c e   T o n i g h t !           F e e l i n g    G o o d    T o m o r r o w !

Side View - Push Top Bar down- Blanket lifter

Standard & XLarge Units 21 & 29

Blanket lift support for your feet
Blanket sheet lifter - just drape sheet over top for foot relief

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Adjustable Blanket Support Lift Bar-21

21 inches wide -$39.99 + shipping
Adjustable Blanket Support Lift Bar-29
29 inches wide -$49.99 + shipping

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Blanket Lift - Assembled Toespace
Blanket-Sheet-Lift-Adjustable-Toespace for your feet

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Blanket Lift Support Toespace

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TOESPACE Adjustable Blanket Support Lift Bar

Note: 29-Inch unit has replaced the

 27-inch unit.

Blanket lift support

ToeSpace really works!

Blanket Lift Toespace

Thanks to our customers!      
We appreciate your comments.    Everyone has a unique story!
You just can't make this stuff up -- These comments are great!

*** From:  "Happy Toes: 2017 -- A week ago, I ordered 2 X-Large support bars. I was happily surprised to receive them on 2 days later. When I opened the packages, I was amazed at how beautifully the were wrapped. A Burlap bag tied on the outside, then a linen bag. Instructions on how to put them together were very detailed, and besides an overs-all instruction sheet, each piece had instructions tape to it. It probably took me 10 minutes to put the first one together, reading all the instructions. It took about 30 seconds to do the second one.

They easily went on the beds, and do exactly that I bought them for -- to lift the heavy blankets away from our feet. I researched a number of different types of blanket lifts before ordering these, and these looked to be the most secure. I am very happy with my choice, and just wanted you to know how pleased we are.



**** I like everything about this product...it has the proper support, locks the sheets in place, and is finally high enough to really allow me to roll over without catching my feet...it was easy to assemble and the material of the product is light wieght yet sturdy...it is also thick enough so your toes cannot get caught...2012  01972

****This is a wonderful product. My husband's feet are now comfortable all night.  The Toespace is very easy to use and you can make the bed around it or remove it in the morning. Shipping was fast. We will be recommending this product to our friends.

****  I received my toe space product today and am very happy. After using a very flimsy model, this one seems like the Cadilac of blanket lifters. Thank you so much for a wonderful product and quick delivery. My operated on toe thanks you. 2012 1825 

**** I like that it is heavy duty because I sleep under a lot of blankets. I'm using it on the next to highest level. The Toespace works much better than any other blanket supports that I have used. Thank you for inventing the Big Dog Toespace! (2012)

****...The ToeSpace has been great. My dad is using it on the highest setting, as they have a very deep mattress and the assembly was very easy.(2012) 

**** Yes, the Toespace is working well, and I'm thankful to have it. My husband assembled it and it seemed to be fairly simple. I'm not using it on the highest level, but pretty close. Thank you for having such a nice product out there. (2012)

.**** It arrived in great shape and my husband set it up immediately. He has it on the highest level (big feet) and I have lengthened two sheets. He loves it. He says he is sleeping much better. I am so glad we found you. 2012 1816

.****The blanket lift is working out great!  Because of chronic health issues, I can't put a blanket directly on my torso or else I have breathing problems that lead to nerve problems, from lack of oxygen.  Your blanket lift solved my dilemma: I use it to lift up the blanket into a tent structure over my torso. (The extra holes you drilled did help. The tent would have been angled too low without them) I'm attaching a photo of the tent being slightly squashed by my cat.  2011  1703.

****.I'm pleased to report that my Mr. Big Dog ToeSpace blanket lift has turned out to be an outstanding purchase.   It's refreshing to experience excellent customer service and great product quality - a device that arrived on time, is well built and easy to assemble, operates exactly as advertised, and most importantly has made my sleeping so much more comfortable. If anyone asks, I'll tell them that toespace.com is the real deal..

****The blanket lift arrived A-OK and was super easy to assemble.
 Dad is using it on "one above lowest" setting to keep pressure from the blankets and heat from the electric blanket off his feet / toes. (Heat aggravates his peripheral neuropathy but he needs warm on upper body.
**** Thanks for such wonderful customer service and product! I ordered the blanket lift for my sister who is struggling with peripheral neuropathy. She is very happy with the lift. It's sturdy, and since you happily made it deeper for her, is perfect for her bed and height. 2011 
**** Assembly was a bit tricky, but mainly because it's a solo job and a second person kept moving the parts around while the first person was identifying them with the directions sheet!  It's really not that difficult if you're not distracted during the job.  Bought this for my Dad because sheets catching and holding his feet were aggravating his back pain and making sleep difficult. He loves it and now sleeps well.  It's a great devise, and better than others I saw on several other sites, and it is very easy to use.

****You have a great product. Easy to install and adjust, as well as doing the job of alleviating pressure on my feet. I googled your competitors and it seems they have lots of problems, which is why I went with your product. 2011.
****  "This is such a fabulous product. I  have used a cheap, adjustable 'wire' blanket support for years. It was constantly collapsing on my toes, and it was cold to the touch.  Your blanket support is better-made, better-designed and not cold at all. Love it!"  2011
****  Upon arrival:  *...My Toe Spacer arrived tonight and I am anxious to hit the sack in toe-tal comfort!! Looks wonderful...went together very easily, now tonight will tell... My dog is a little confused about the bump in the bed but she will adjust. First Night:  "Well, I love it. I kept checking all night (in my sleep mind you) to see if it was really there.  I had tried to remove the toe nail from my big toe by falling up the stairs at my house and only partially succeeding. So since the nail is still attached (and  am trying to keep it there) it is very sensitive and I kept "tenting" my left foot all night. Well, now I don't have to do it, you are doing it for me. Thanks again for this wonderful thing. I am spreading the word..." December 2010
****   "...First off, it arrived in a real neat box wrapped in a fancy bag tied with a fancy ribbon. 
First appearance was real impressive. Dumping all the parts out confused the two blondes that were going to put it together, but I was able to make a few suggestions and it was easily assembled. I have used it every night since and am very pleased with the whole design. It does a splendid job of keeping the blanket weight off my polio feet, and would highly recommend use by anyone in a similar situation:.. (2010)  
****    "... The item was purchased for a ... person...wearing heel floats to alleviate pressure wounds on their heels. The purpose of purchasing a blanket lift was to prevent the fabric boots from becoming tangled... Your lift is the only one we found that was available in multiple bed widths and with height adjustment. It is also much sturdier than others we looked at..." (2010) 
****    "I just wanted to let you know the item arrived in excellent condition and was very easy to put together. My husband is disabled from several ailments and has chronic foot/leg pain.  This blanket lift works perfectly so that he can rest and sleep easier.  I was very happy to find this product that works so well..." 
****    "We ordered the Mr. Big Dog ToeSpace blanket lift for my elderly father-in-law who has Parkinson's and suffers from problems with his feet, including hammer toes. The order arrived in good condition in no time at all, it seemed. My husband considered building something himself, but this was engineered so well, so reasonably priced and so easy to put together, we were thrilled he didn't take on the project. My father-in-law absolutely loves the blanket lift. It's made his nights much more restful and it was a perfect fit for his bed at the fullest extension. (The reason we used the full extension was that my father-in-law uses pillows at the foot of his bed to elevate his feet because of poor circulation..)

****    "The ToeSpace is perfect. I was surprised at how easy it was to assemble especially with the help of pictures. I put it together on my kitchen island and then on my bed in 30 minutes or less... I actually had to lower the frame, after beginning at the highest adjustment, because I had too much space and my feet got cool! I used the widest setting for my king bed, and can put my feet wherever I want. To lower the frame, I did not have to remove it from the bed!! ... The main problems with the old ones are the height, which is lower, and the tubes, which are cold metal and extend over the mattress. They easily come in contact with the feet and are distracting when one is trying to fall asleep. ToeSpace is better. You have a great product...2010

****    "I just wanted to say how much I LOVE my 3 toespace units.  I received them about 10 days ago and set them up right away. Thanks to Toespace, I can now sleep comfortably, with no stress to my ankle joints, which is simply amazing!   I mentioned your product to both my chiropractor and my physical therapist, and both of them thought it sounded very useful.  My Chiropractor said he had patients who, like me, were having to sleep at the edge of the bed, with feet sticking out (cold!), in order to eliminate pressure on feet/ankles. Seems like there are more folks like me who would benefit from finding out about your great product. 
****  "I just wanted to let you know that we received our ToeSpace blanket support, and we love it!  It was very easy to assemble, and Dad is very pleased about the way it holds the sheet and blanket away from his toes.  It also stays in place and is much sturdier than the fold-up variety we had previously.  You were very kind to drill extra holes just to be sure it would be tall enough.   We actually did not need to go that high, but it is nice to know that the holes are drilled in case we ever do need to increase the height. Thanks again for your great service and personal touch..(2009)  

****   "I had one of the traditional wire supports for a short while, and my dissatisfaction with it prompted me to search for additional options. I found your site!  The ToeSpace support arrived yesterday, was easy to put together and is EXACTLY what I would have designed myself as an alternative, based on my frustration with the traditional design.  Your excellent Toespace works wonderfully and I am well pleased with it. 

Blanket Sheet lift - Top Bar attachment

2. Push in under mattress

Blanket Lifter Support bar for your feet

3. Drape sheets & blankets over bar

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Simply Amazing!   After one night with ToeSpace!

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Toespace Blanket Sheet Lifts - Standard & XLarge