3. ToeSpace Lift Bar works with
or without foot board & deep
Fits most deep mattresses - up to 20 inches.
Extension posts allow for 29 inches of total 
height from bottom bar to top of blanket
support bar.
Mattress thicker than 20 inches, leave seller 
notation when ordering.
Two width sizes now available:
21 in. wide   and   29 in. wide
. (inside width)

4.  Lift sheet and blankets over
ToeSpace bar 
to make a foot tent - canopy over your feet.  Clamp sheet down over top or bottom bar. ToeSpace will support the blanket weight to
keep pressure off your feet and toes.  (Note: the clamp will fit over a sheet and blanket on top bar.  And, over just a sheet on the bottom bar which is thicker.)

-->ToeSpace is meant to stay extended when
not  in use.    Can be removed for easy storage

(Adjustments:  see pre-drilled extension posts)
Adjusting ToeSpace-- to just the right height
that is comfortable, but not too high, will also
keep your feet warmer.

Welcome to ToeSpace 
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ToeSpace -How to - Dimensions - Assembly
Mr. Big Dog TOESPACE Adjustable Blanket Support Lift Bar
Bed and Blanket Support Lift Bar Frame & Blanket Raiser!
A Sleep Aid you can depend on!
ToeSpace Tonight.  Feeling Good Tomorrow! 
Contact us: Capricorn Products-Cornerstone
Also email us at:  freedom@toespace.com
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ASSEMBLY:   TOESPACE  Adjustable Blanket Support Lift Bar Frame & Blanket Raiser!
1. Quick easy assembly. 
. No tools necessary.

Portions are partially pre-assembled. 
. Top and bottom bars push together in center. 
. Under Mattress posts push into corner joint.
  May need to give it an extra tap-in.
Note: Posts no longer 'screw' in to corners. 
. Adjust posts (with drilled holes)  to desired
  height once you have the frame connected.
. Top curved bar pushes down over vertical post 
   (with drilled holes).
. Side sections push together in the center to make
   the top and bottom horizontal bars.
2.  Ready to insert ToeSpace Support Lift Bar:
-->simply push in between mattress
and boxspring
.Push bottom posts in  -
(between boxspring and mattress). 
.Drape sheet over  top bar 
.Clamp over the sheet on bottom bar. (Note: the clamp may be used on the top bar -over a sheet and blanket. Or, on the bottom bar - over just the sheet). The top and bottom bars are different thicknesses.
.With the sheet secure, the blankets will 
stay lifted as well.
.ToeSpace will lift and support  sheet and
blanket over the top of bar.
ToeSpace can be adjusted for height  for a
larger foot tent. (pre-drilled extension posts
allow for height adjustment up to 29 in.)
DIMENSIONS:  ToeSpace is meant to be left extended in place.  It's always ready.  Your Mr. Big Dog ToeSpace blanket support lift bar is there for you. Easy assembly instructions included in each shipment.  Some parts are pre-assembled. 
Order your ToeSpace now

Blanket Support lift  bar  21 in. setup - ToeSpace!           Blanket Support lift bar 29in setup - ToeSpace! 
(Note: Modification of ToeSpace products is done periodically. See Governing Policy. As of 2015 Under Mattress tubes push-in vs screw-in. 

Standard Size - 21 inches wide             shown on king size bed            Extra Wide Size - 29 inches wideBlanket Support Lift  Bar 21-29 www.toespace.com
    Both units extend up to 29 in. high
click to enlarge
Two widths:  21 in. and 29 in. (inside)           (Up to 29 in. high)
Assembles in just minutes!  Some parts pre-assembled.

>Sections press together making top and bottom bars.
>Bottom posts push into corner base. (no longer screw-in)
>Side posts adjust by matching pre-drilled holes and adjusting screws.
>Top Support Bar pushes down onto side posts.
>And, you're done. Ready to be inserted.

Standard Unit width:  21 inches (outside measurement).
X-Large Unit width
  29 inches (inside measurement -including center extension piece  - 9 inches .) The center extension piece of the unit is purposely left uncemented for flexibility. The X-large unit can be used with or without the center piece. Without the center piece in place, the unit is similar size as standard unit.

Blanket Support Done and Ready
Mr. Big Dog ToeSpace Adjustable Sheet and Blanket Support Lift -  READY!
Standard unit shown in picture.
Inserted under mattress, 
Sheets and blankets draped & supported over top bar.
Sheet secures on bottom bar, 
Clamp included for holding sheet secure.
Sweet dreams.

                           Simply Amazing!
    Order  your ToeSpace today!
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